SECRET 3 BEHIND MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E | Who’s BTS Member Cried Because Of Jinkook?

💜 Today is a special day so I make this video like a gift…I don’t love Jinkook…I admire their beautiful relationship since the debut…They make me belive in real love…we can find the one who we can trust, love and count on! Wow real love does exist…!! Thank you for inspiring me beautiful love !! Which BTS member cried because of Jinkook?
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Jhope is the King of Organization and Cleaning.

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Ever think about how hobi is really one of the tidiest, clean, and organized person I’ve ever seen.
How he’s always spending his time being productive even when it means doing boring chores like cooking or cleaning.
Man can’t stay still lazing around like 90% of the humanity
he loves being organized and this is such an attractive part of him
& also very convenient habit, he’s calm and collected while cleaning up
how not to be in love with. This man is the definition of organized and clean!
like jin said Jhope is the king of organization and cleaning.
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