Get you someone who loves you like Yoongi loves tangerines | + exciting announcement!

tangerine yoongi merch:
surprise !!! i have my first ever merch !! I worked with my sister, who is an illustrator, to create this cute little tangerin-cat-yoongi shirt. I wanted to keep it simple and subtle, but also reference bts.
“nevermind” – a song yoongi wrote,with powerful lyrics. i just love the message that encourages to keep moving forward and never mind all the obstacles in life, because we can overcome that.
cat yoongi- obviously, the cat is in reference to yoongi, or as some armys call him, “lil meow meow”. yoogi himself even said that he thinks of himself as a cat.
tangerine- yoongi lovessss his tangerines (as you can see in this video!) and I thought it was cute to incorporate that idea into the design.
smiley face- in the back, “nevermind” phrase and the eyes make up a smiley face. I thought it was just cute, and a great way to input some hints of hobi core, since hoseok is my other bias!
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Yoongi calling Jin “hyung” is a serotonin boost | Yoongi’s only ‘hyung’ , Seokjin :)

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【BTS 日本語字幕】自分たちをリアクションするBTS

【BTS 日本語字幕】自分たちをリアクションするBTS

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