Bang PD And His 7 Naughty Boys

Big Hit fans all know that President Bang Shi Hyuk has an extremely close relationship with BTS members. For the “father” of the group, the members have respect and admiration but also a closeness like brothers. If you are a longtime BTS fan, you will still remember Jungkook’s lifelong work of drawing Bang PD, and this is the source of countless mischievous times BTS teases their president. Remember on September 8, BTS made fans burst with emotions when holding the throne at the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 2 consecutive weeks. At this glorious moment, president Bang Shi Hyuk called to congratulate BTS with a trembling voice. BTS members also did not forget to meet the president for a celebratory meal. In order to achieve the success it is today, BTS always listens to the teachings and instructions from Bang Shi Hyuk, the head of Big Hit Entertainment and the one who molded BTS from the very first steps. During nearly a decade of accompanying each other, BTS and Bang Shi Hyuk have created countless memorable memories, making fans still emotional every time they recall them.... Read More

【BTS 日本語字幕】BTSとBig Hitのスタッフ – 面白くて甘いひととき

BTSは今やKPOPのトップグループであり、世界的なスーパースターであるが、彼らの個性とやんちゃさを知らない人はきっといないはずだ。彼らとBig Hitのスタッフは非常に親密な関係にあり、Big HitのスタッフもBTSをいじめるのに例外はない。少年たちの冗談にどうしようもない時もあるが、冗談にのめり込んでしまう時もある... Read More

SugArmyy 2022 Rewind

THANK YOU BTS and ARMYs for another great year !! To end 2022, here’s a 2022 rewind of most replayed moments from 2022 SugArmyy videos. These are fan favorites and mine as well. Hope you have a safe, fun new years eve, and see you in 2023!!... Read More