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[BTS 💜콜드플레이] 예상을 뛰어 넘어버린 My Universe 뮤비!!(우주 뿌셔버린 미친 협업에 감탄하는 해외반응)

BTS와 콜드플레이의 협업곡 마이 유니버스 뮤비를 본 깜놀한 해외반응들을 모아 봤습니다... Read More

Final BTS Of 2020, Nanushka Store Tour, Festive Fashion Shoot & Xmas At Selfridges | BTS S11 Ep9

In the last BTS episode of 2020, filming begins on the third instalment of the LuxeGirl show. Georgie then hosts the final podcast of the year, before she, Laura and Rich head out to a Christmas market at Selfridges. Maiya also returns to SL HQ for an SLMan New Year’s Eve shoot, as Lu heads down to the new Nanushka store in Mayfair for an exclusive look at the new collection. Finally, Georgie shows us what’s landed on her desk recently, before the team waves Rich off with a chorus of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”... Read More