【BTS 日本語字幕】怖がるKPOPアイドル 幽霊 イタズラ

スターの予期せぬ瞬間は、時にフォロワーを怖がらせるが、その大半は彼らを…より面白くする。誰かにいたずらするとき、幽霊を怖がらせるのは最も効果的なジョークである。KPOPスターも同様に幽霊を恐れていることを証明する、最も面白い事件をいくつか振り返ってみましょう... Read More

Funniest Run BTS Moments (Part 2)

For everybody who is a fan of BTS, RUN BTS! has grown to be an essential component. ‘RUN BTS!’, the homegrown variety show produced by BTS, has been heard or seen by many Kpop fans and internet netizens, whether they are followers of the group or not. Numerous funny things happened in the countless episodes that were broadcast. Which BTS Run episodes have impressed you the most? Please post a comment with your ideas! Enjoy your time with the video.... Read More