[PREVIEW] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS’ SPOT (Star Turned Villain)

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【BTS 日本語字幕】 防弾少年団はどれほどテヒョンを守って応援する

【BTS 日本語字幕】 防弾少年団はどれほどテヒョンを守って応援する

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BTS Treating Taehyung Like A Baby

If you are a big fan of K-Pop, you will undoubtedly agree that the K-Pop world is full of attractive, incredibly talented idols. However, there is a charming guy from BTS with candy eyes who stands out among the many idols, and his name is V. As a result, although V is not the youngest member of BTS, he is always treated and cared for if he were a baby. Wake him up, feed him, and engage in play with him, just like parents taking care of their children.... Read More

Namjoon is a little boy trapped inside an IQ148 body

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