BTS’ reaction on ‘dynamite’ debuting at NO.1 on billboard HOT100 | CONGRATULATIONS BTSARMY 😭👏✨💜

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Congratulations #army dont mind me I’m still crying so hard pleaseee i never saw this coming though i have been wishing for a long time but when it truly became true it’s nearly impossible for me to believe it I’m just so happy . is this what feels time when we achieve our dreams ? Honestly I don’t have any dream in my life so achieving a dream that my boys wished was my dream & now we have it in our hands I’m so so proud my hands are shivering . love you all so much guyss BTS is an inspiration & ARMY is an inspiration as well 👏👏😭😭

See the priceless reaction of BTS on debuting at NO.1 on billboard HOT100 with ‘dynamite’

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