20181128 Twice’s Reaction to BTS – IDOL @AAA

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When BTS is done with V 😱

When BTS is done with V 😱
V isn’t afraid of being himself and often annoys the other members with his energy.
He likes to speak his mind out loud and sometimes this can hurt his hyungs.
Even if he’s not a bad person, sometimes V can be really mean with the other members. He told Jin to stop talking, because dead skin cells are coming out of his mouth xD
He has a bad habit of annoying the other members but he’s really funny while doing this.
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Sweet but Psycho ╳ Save Me || Ava Max & BTS Mashup

i absolutely love ava max so this was fun to make! also lmao i didn’t have an acapella so i just kind of added save me’s instrumental over sweet but psycho’s. i made this really quickly so it’s not the best but i hope you enjoy it! ♡

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instrumental retrieved from: https://youtu.be/VKXZ-lf5Buw (thank u ryu!!)

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