Jungkook Being The Muscle Bunny | Muscle Kook

Jungkook (BTS) is currently one of the top male idols in Kpop, and he has a perfectly flawless face and perfect body. In particular, the male idol’s muscular body is the “fatal weakness” of fans. Most recently, the male idol’s revelation about his body caused a great surprise to the fans. Specifically, at the group’s live stream, Jungkook shared about the members’ weight: “The members’ weight fluctuates around 60kg, but I have never reached that number “. This made the hyungs laugh, and the fans panicked because they were worried that Jungkook was too light. However, the male idol revealed that: “I was 71 kg at the thinnest time” and explained why the muscles made the male idol’s body quite heavy, but the overall look was still very balanced. Looking back at the series of photos of Jungkook showing off his irresistible sexy and tight thighs is enough to understand!... Read More