How BTS Annoying Kim Taehyung

BTS is recognized for being a humorous group that enjoys being naughty, and the bond between the members is as close as that of a family. In addition, because they regard one another as family members, they are very comfortable mocking and teasing them. Here’s how to annoy Taehyung – a guide by BTS 🤗... Read More

BTS Can’t Imagine Them Life Without Each Other

Bangtan began as a group of seven boys who didn’t know each other but were united in their desire to make music for the world. The members of BTS are in love with one another. They are always in the same place. They genuinely enjoy spending time with one another. They take good care of one another. They live together as a family. And they have now become an inseparable family that will be together until the end of time. They all sincerely care about one another and treat each other like real siblings.... Read More