[KPOP IN PUBLIC] BTS (방탄소년단) _ Run BTS (30 dancers) | Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona

Heyy BYS, EST is back!!🌸✨
Here to make you move left and right🤪🖤
AYEE FINALLY BACK!! We struggled so so much with this cover, not to mention the high level of the choreography, but the amount of dancers, the hoodies thing and the people going up, was really a challenge for us!!😩 BUT, as expected from our dancers, they slayed. We’re so thankful, thanks again for your energy and effort guys, love u sm🥹🫶🏻💗
Now, can we talk about tHE LOOKS!? Damn the girls look stunning y’all I swear😭💔
Also, we’re so so proud of this cover becoming the hugest cover we ever did, 38 DANCERS WHAT!? Insane.
Expect more content from this one!!!👀

Hope you enjoy our ‘Run BTS’ cover! 🔥🖤

Stay tuned to our incoming covers, we’re working so hard! Remember when that kpop group released a song with a Pokemon name?🤎✨🐇

Thank you so so much Karina for recording us today🤍✨
K: https://instagram.com/23karin19

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