A Person Spread False Information About Jungkook, RM’ Private Conversation Leaked, and more BTS news

BTS’s SADNESS AND DEPRESSION, JUNGKOOK SPECULATION, and more BTS news https://youtu.be/xEWHi524vY8

0:39 Netizens accused the Korean military for exploiting Jin, after publishing a photo of Jin online
1:30 A person spread false information about Jungkook, claiming that he visited an island with his girlfriend
2:33 BigHit asked fans to refrain from sending Jin gifts and letters to his training center
3:18 RM’ private conversation was made public without his consent, which he didn’t like at all
5:15 Suga revealed how isolated the BTS members are and how uncomfortable other people are around them because of their success
7:35 Jimin and BigBang’s Taeyang will release a song together
8:08 Jin became the commander of his unit