BTS hyung line acting like the parents of the maknae line | 4 parents, 3 kids

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00:00 intro
00:12 comment shoutout
00:21 AD00:57 Bon Voyage 4
02:12 Run BTS EP.36
03:36 In the Soup 2
05:12 IG story shoutout
05:31 Run BTS EP.22
06:17 Run BTS EP.27
06:42 In the Soop
07:22 Run BTS EP.58
07:35 Run BTS EP.81
08:36 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jin, RM and j-hope Monitoring Time 
09:03 In the Soup
09:46 [EPISODE] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS!
10:40 In the Soop
11:37 Bon Voyage 4
13:27 Run BTS EP.58
13:50 Run BTS EP.85
14:10 Bon Voyage 4
15:38 Run BTS EP.64
16:23 Run BTS EP.60
16:44 Bon Voyage 4
17:01 outro

Video links (in order):
Run BTS EP.36:
Run BTS EP.22:—EP22
Run BTS EP.27:
Run BTS EP.58:—EP58
Run BTS EP.81:
[BANGTAN BOMB] Jin, RM and j-hope Monitoring Time :
[EPISODE] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS!:
Run BTS EP.58:
Run BTS EP.85:—EP85
Run BTS EP.64:
Run BTS EP.60:—EP60

↪emojis :
koala: Namjoon (RM)
hamster : Seokjin (Jin
cat: Yoongi (SUGA)
squirrel: Hoseok (J-hope)
chick: Jimin
tiger: Taehyung (V)
bunny: Jungkook


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