BTS Jungkook Being RM’s Forever Fanboy

Jungkook – RM’s loyal fanboy, the reason why he said that surely anyone who is a fan of BTS would understand this. On the “Yang Nam Show,” Jungkook revealed that after stopping at “Superstar K,” he received seven invitations from famous entertainment companies, including JYP, Starship, CUBE, and FNC Entertainment. However, Jungkook chose to join the little-known company BigHit because he witnessed RM practice when he was a trainee. The admiration of the BTS leader’s talent attracted Jungkook, becoming one of the reasons for attracting the “golden maknae” to join the BigHit Entertainment family. Many times Jungkook did not hesitate to show his admiration for his brother, his talented leader. To this day, younger brother Jungkook has always had unique feelings for his brother in the group. Check out the adorable moments in the video below!

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