BTS Taekook Being “Obvious” For 10 Minutes Straight

It’s so obvious how close the friendship between BTS’s V and Jungkook . Their closeness isn’t just emotionally, though. They also like expressing their close friendship through skinship such as hugging each other and cuddling with each other. Whenever these two friends interacting with each other looks so adorable. On Run BTS!, warrior V was willing to sacrifice himself for Painter Jungkook. Jungkook managed to evade capture from the “royal army,” thanks to V. V also volunteered to take on a solo mission (with penalty). “I will do it. So, go and run away!” V urged Jungkook. “Run away, now! Hurry up now, run away. Trust me. Run away.” Check out this video to see more moments Taekook being obvious.

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