Everbody loves BTS

Despite their popularity as a talented but amiable boy group, these guys have never shown any pride or arrogance. That’s why everyone always loves BTS. Therefore, there was a joke in the fandom that “everyone will become a fan of BTS.” Besides the reactions of celebrities who are ‘hard fans’ of BTS, many ARMYs are also very interested in what TXT will think of their housemates. We all know that TXT is the true fanboys of BTS, even before they joined Big Hit. They almost know and understand all of BTS’ songs and have adorable interactions between them. Most recently, V had a meeting with Park Hyo Shin. This unexpected meeting has attracted the attention of fans. At dawn on the 31st, BTS V posted a short video of him singing a song with Park Hyo-shin on his SNS story. The video by Matt Maltis’Less and Less’ was played, and V said ‘pointing’ and smiled. Park Hyo-shin gently wrapped her arms around V’s hair, creating a friendly atmosphere. After that, the two sang ‘Less and Less’ together. BTS are so cute, and noone can resist their charm!

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