Jin and Coldplay LIVE, Enlistment, Projects, and ARMY over-reactions | BTS

0:00 coming later
1:10 Bangtan Souls…
2:59 Jin’s projects… and enlistment chat
6:09 chatting JITB and Yet To Come Busan concert
7:30 my own FIRST thoughts on The Astronaut MV plot
10:20 reaction to Astronaut MV Shooting Sketch Bangtan Bomb
27:29 Jin with Coldplay in Argentina SOBBBING MEEEE


I LOVE getting personal about loving BTS and our own paths to love and healing. Finding BTS, and then YOU, very literally saved my life, and gives me breath. Through their artistry and souls, BTS reminds us we have a galaxy inside of ourselves with THE destiny to love and be loved fully.

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Reactors only make ad money if they pause the MV constantly. If they play the MV straight through for a pure reaction, then BTS / Hybe get ALL the revenue from that reaction video (rightfully so!). None of my reactions are monetized (TROB is also NOT monetized, so neither are reactions — proving what a true passion for BTS TROB is and why we love BTS and ARMY). I don’t want to butcher BTS videos. I want to soak in what BTS create for us, as they envisioned. Borahae!


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