JUNGKOOK (of BTS): Dreamers (Live @ FIFA World Cup) | REACTION

UPDATE: Sorry I had to blur the live portion of this reaction video, you can find the full version on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/74903354


Hellllo everyone! Today I am here with a quick little reaction to my boy, Jungkook (of BTS)’s brand new song he premiered at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Show – DREAMERS! I hope you enjoy this, and I want to say congratulations again to Jungkook! 🥰💜

#BTS #Jungkook #WorldCup

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0:00 introductions.
0:50 ‘dreamers’ – live.
3:17 ‘dreamers’ – full song & lyrics.
6:38 final thoughts.