Jungkook seen limping, Suga considered leaving BTS, Jimin sparks frenzy and more BTS news

Jungkook seen limping, BTS review their past 10 years, Suga considered leaving BTS and more BTS news

0:00 Intro
0:06 BTS’s upcoming enlistment dates
1:03 Netizens react to BTS’ enlistment
1:44 Jungkook seen limping
2:56 Jungkook’s new haircut
3:48 Jungkook photocard sold for $6370
4:41 BTS react to tour cancellation
6:35 BTS review their past 10 years
8:13 Suga considered leaving BTS
9:36 Jimin sparks frenzy at a restaurant in Japan
11:43 BTS at 2023 MAMAs
12:52 Jungkook on his past 10 years, personal worldview, decline and more
16:37 RM on self-improvement, life goals and his passion for learning