RM went for “sexy”, Fans are angry, His plan to get his drivers license

Did you know that RM wrote his recently released song, Sexy Nukim, in only 30 minutes?
That’s right, now that the BTS members are focusing on their solo careers, RM released his new song with Balming Tiger.

In the behind the scenes video, Namjoon revealed that he wrote the lyrics for the song in just 30 minutes, saying that he wanted to have fun writing them.

And he also revealed that he went for a “sexy vibe”.

In the video, Namjoon will be riding a bike over a toy Ferrari. When he first found that out, he though it was a joke. But nope, it isn’t.

And that’s because Namjoon is the only BTS member who doesn’t have a driving license. And people kinda love making fun of him for it.

So, tired of people teasing him, Namjoon promised that he’s gonna change that.
He plans on getting his driving license this year.

“I’m gonna get it for real. I have to stop the teasing about me not having a license” he said.

Now, we still don’t know if he actually meant it.
So I guess, only time will tell…

And now, why are fans angry?

During one of Seventeen’s recent interviews in North America, a radio host compared Seventeen to BTS
saying that when starting the band, there’s no way one would expect the group to reach the level of success BTS has, and be at the same level as BTS.

The fact that he compared Seventeen to BTS angered some fans.
While other fans think that the host wasn’t intentionally rude, and that it’s all just a misunderstanding.

What’s your opinion?
He went for “sexy”, Fans are angry, RM’s plan to get his drivers license
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