save bts from american interviews

hello !! ♡

so so so, HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY TO BTS. these 7 angels really changed my life and i wish them infinity of happiness. todays video is a video i meant to upload a week ago, but i’ve been SO busy i couldn’t upload it so here it is. this is bts dealing with american interviews and honestly u can tell they’re over it lol. i hope u liked the video bts !!
also, did u watch the muster? i was so excited for it since i missed them SO MUCH and i finally got to watch it. it was so amazing, i was smiling like crazy the whole time, dancing, i even pulled an all nighter to watch it and i had so much fun. anyways, i hope you’re having a great day and if u ever need to talk i’m right here.
love u lots pls stay safe ♡

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