Seven – Jung Kook BTS feat. Latto (Lirik Lagu Terjemahan) ~ Versi Clean

Lirik lagu dan terjemahan bahasa indonesia.
🎵 Judul : Seven
🎙️ Penyanyi : Jungkook BTS feat. Latto

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📝 Lirik:

Weight of the world on your shoulders
I kiss your waist and ease your mind
I must be favored to know ya
I take my hands and trace your lines

It’s the way that we can ride
It’s the way that we can ride (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Think I met you in another life
So break me off another time (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
You wrap around me and you give me life
And that’s why night after night
I’ll be lovin’ you right

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (A week)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Seven days a week
Every hour, every minute, every second
You know night after night
I’ll be lovin’ you right
Seven days a week

You love when I jump right in
All of me I’m offering
Show you what devotion is
Deeper than the ocean is
Wind it back, I’ll take it slow
Leave you with that afterglow
Show you what devotion is
Deeper than the ocean is

Ulangi @@
Ulangi REFF
Ulangi REFF

Tightly take control, tightly take his soul
Take your phone and put it in the camera roll (Uh)
Leave them clothes at the door
What you waiting for? Better come and hit ya goals
He jump in it both feet
Going to the sun-up, we ain’t gettin’ no sleep
Seven days a week, seven different sheets
Seven different angles, I can be your fantasy
Open up, say, “Ah”
Come here, baby, let me swallow your pride
What you on, I can match your vibe
Hit me up and I’ma Cha Cha Slide
You make Mondays feel like weekends
I make him never think about cheatin’
Got you skippin’ work and meetings
Let’s sleep in, yeah
(Seven days a week, ooh)

Ulangi REFF
Ulangi REFF


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