V opened up about his relationships, BTS is going through crises, What RM hates about Weverse

V opened up about his relationships, BTS is going through crises, What RM hates about Weverse

BTS switched from holding their live streams on Vlive to holding them on Weverse, since the 2 apps will merge later this year.

However, the platform keeps freezing and it even crashes from time to time.

That’s why RM had to go live twice during his birthday live stream.
And this is why the live stream had less than a million viewers.
However, this is not what RM hates about Weverse.

What he dislikes about the app, is that the video quality is so good, that fans can see his pores.

In other words, crashes are no problem…
But being able to see his pores is a big no no for RM

In the live stream RM also opened up about the crises the members are going through, and how he wants to protect the team.

He shared that the members talked about the next steps they want to make and about their confusion.

RM revealed that they’re in a situation where a lot of things are confusing, that everyone knows about it and that they’re in a situation where all the members are working hard to protect what’s theirs.

Despite this, he explained that their relationship is very close and that they want to stay together for a long time.

RM is not the only one who opened up about the members relationship with each other.
V also made a few confessions.

He revealed how the members formed a solid relationship from the very beginning, because of the fact that they started from a small agency.

V confessed that his mindset back then was very different and that from that point on, he thought of the group as his new family.

Whenever he went through hardships, V’s father used to say that “it’s no big deal!”. And that would put things into perspective and make him feel better.

After joining BTS, the members took on the role of supporting V whenever he had a hard time. And according to V, whenever he was struggling, they comforted him as Kim Taehyung, not V.

V also confessed that he doesn’t like the approach where you treat everything like it’s business. That he does things because he wants to, and that he approaches people because he likes them. #bts #taehyung #namjoon #rm #btsv