V’s skin condition, Tae’s first tattoo finally revealed

V’s skin condition, Tae’s first tattoo finally revealed
After BTS got their friendship tattoo, most of the members posted pictures with theirs.
V, on the other hand, used this opportunity to troll fans.
At first he posted a picture of a “tattoo” that was actually marker,
And then he told fans he got his tattoo on his butt cheek.
Yup, that’s V.

However, recently when fans kept asking about his tattoo, V revealed that his friendship tattoo is visible in the pictures he got for Vogue.

And army soon discovered it. It’s on his leg.

And now, regarding V’s skin condition.
When I mentioned V’s friendship tattoo in previous videos, a few armies pointed out that V can’t get tattoos since he has a skin condition.

It’s true that V has a skin condition. It’s called cholinergic urticaria.
This condition causes small bumps on your skin that are itchy, and it’s triggered by heat among other things.

Which means that whenever V is performing, training or taking a hot shower, his skin gets itchy.

However, this skin condition doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting tattoos.

But who knows, maybe V trolled us once again, and this tattoo isn’t real either.

What do you think army?

As always: be nice, be like BTS

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